Meet the Griesemer Family

For each family, their calling to serve as an international host family occurs at different times. This has been the case for Elizabeth Griesemer, TKA Academic Administrator, and her family. Mrs. Griesemer and her family welcomed their first student this fall from Spain who is a senior in high school, just like their own daughter.

We recently caught up with her to learn more about her family’s experience as hosts.

What has been the more interesting part of serving as a host family?
The most interesting thing has been being able to learn about a region of the world that we may have never experienced otherwise without visiting. It has also been fascinating to watch our international student experience our culture. It gives me a bigger appreciation for all that we have.

What do you think is the largest way a host family can impact a student?
The students are living with your family every day. They see the good and bad days. Your personal testimony on how you live out your faith is the strongest thing they see. They see that it is not just a place we go, a name we apply to ourselves, but we are really talking to God, seeking God in the decisions we make and modifying our behaviors in ways that would please Him. It is the whole package.

What has been the most surprising or unexpected element of hosting?
I have been most surprised with how strongly our host daughter has been tucked into our hearts in such a short amount of time. I knew we would feel a sense of protection because of the responsibility we agree to as hosts, but this has been so special. This is a connection point that we will have forever. She has become part of our family in her own special way.

We are looking for more families to join our International Student Program as hosts.
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