Application Process


  1. Start your journey by filling out our inquiry form.  Someone from our admissions office will contact you to discuss your specific educational needs and explain your next steps in the admissions process.
  2. Schedule a campus tour.  We are excited to meet you and discover your hopes and dreams for your child.  A one-on-one Educational Success Consultation is the next step. Here you learn the essentials of TKA, and we discover your family’s unique needs and how we can meet them.
  3. Register for one of our admissions events.  Throughout the year, but especially in the spring, we will hold admissions events that will give you an opportunity to visit our community and give you a chance to see if our culture is a good fit for your family.
  4. Apply online. Follow the link to the Application Portal to apply today.
  5. Schedule a parents and student interview. All students who apply at TKA will be scheduled along with their parents for an interview with an administrator. This interview lasts about 20 minutes.
  6. Schedule academic testing: All Kindergarten students must pass a screening to be accepted into the program. They are scheduled beginning in May. Placement testing may be required for students in grades 1-12.

Application FAQ’s

Is it too late to enroll?

We have rolling admissions year round. It’s not too late to enroll!

Will my child need a Kindergarten screening?

All potential Kindergarten students will need an academic screening.

What forms will I need to submit in addition to the online application?

Throughout the enrollment process, there are places where you may need to upload specific documents.

Do I need to visit to apply?

It’s always worthwhile to visit our school before applying. There are many Open House opportunities or you can schedule a visit. But if you’d like to go straight to the application – that’s perfectly fine!