Our Vision
To provide a distinctive college preparatory K-12 Christian education, which is dedicated to developing its students’ unique talents and gifts and graduating young men and women who are able to demonstrate Christian character in their daily lives through their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our Values
Christ-Centered Education
  • Bible as a core subject
  • Biblical integration in the education process
  • Development of Christian character and godly wisdom
Academic Excellence
  • Commitment to academic excellence
  • Recognizing academic needs of each student
  • Maximizing potential of each student
The Value of Each Student
  • Recognizing unique personality, character and ability of each student
  • Recognizing importance of diversity
Continuous Improvement
  • Consistent evaluation and assessment
  • Continually raising the bar
Christian Worldview
  • God’s word is truth
  • Biblical philosophy of education in all cultural contexts
  • Critical thinking in context of a biblical worldview
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Demonstrating a servant’s heart in the community
  • Loving our neighbors as ourselves
Parental Education Responsibility
  • Parents have primary responsibility
  • Support of Christian families in development of well-rounded student
Qualified Christian Faculty and Staff
  • Born again faculty and staff
  • Compatible beliefs of faculty and staff with those of the school
  • Christ-like character and role models
  • Commitment to Christian school education
  • Certified faculty
  • Professional development of faculty and staff
Godly Stewardship
  • Recognizing God’s ownership
  • Commitment to financial stability
About Us
Our Mission
The King’s Academy provides a standard of Christ-centered academic excellence training leaders in knowledge, wisdom and godly character.

Support TKA

In August of 1998, The King's Academy committed to preparing children for life as Christian leaders. Through the faithfulness of God and the generosity of his people, The King's Academy has been able to impact thousands of students from Berks and Schuylkill counties. Giving to TKA is a tangible way to help make this possible.