Leadership Principles

We believe a strong Christian leader is one who follows Christ and inspires others to follow Him as well.  At The King’s Academy, we are intentional in leadership training and use these principles our guide.  Our goal is to develop leaders who impact our culture for Christ.

The Principles

Inspired Visionary

A leader sees and moves beyond the merely conventional, led by a direct connection (prayer, devotions, etc.) with God, and relates that vision easily to others, who follow easily and with excitement.


A leader gains trust of others out of a recognized authenticity of character, staying with the hard truth of things, even if not the popular or safe path.

Life-Long Learner

A leader displays academic curiosity, discontent with staid knowledge, and strives to go beyond rote learning to attain fuller depth and breadth of knowledge. The community benefits from a leader’s growing perspective and gains inspiration to pursue personal growth.


A leader encourages toward victory, not merely disciplining for defeat (whether potential or actual).  Words are important but actions are pivotal: coming alongside those struggling to move ahead, providing pointers to assist performance, helping others see real possibilities for success with continued application of effort.

Creative / Resourceful

A leader demonstrates great stewardship of the resources entrusted. Each blessing is understood to be a trust from God for the display of His glory. He/she relies not only on personal creativity, but must also focus the creativity of the community on achieving the goal to which the Lord has called him/her.


A leader expresses fervor from an overflowing heart for the task at hand. Drawing inexhaustible inspiration from the Spirit of God and the gospel, a leader conveys a contagious excitement to the redemptive work of God in the world.


A leader has the graceful talent for being able to walk in the shoes of those being led, while understanding the difficulties of the challenges his/her leadership places on others, but asks no more – nor no less – of others than what a deeply contemplated strategy requires.


A leader, like each individual at TKA, is compelled to come under the leadership of Christ.  The Holy Spirit works out the Father’s will from the heart of each community member.  The faith commitment to Christ is the force that guides worldview, day-to-day decisions, and long-term goals.

Engaged Listener

As a community we at TKA freely give and receive communication.  We seek to be aware of each other’s feelings, thoughts, needs, potential, and contributions.   We are responsive towards one another, striving for harmony and unity in the Spirit.


A leader makes relationships and context the top considerations in decision making, while demonstrating an awed respect for God, walking humbly with Him, loving mercy, and doing what is right and fair.  A leader makes adequate, appropriate, and well-ordered decisions according to God’s design and purposes for people and the environment.

About Us

Our Mission
The King’s Academy provides a standard of Christ-centered academic excellence training leaders in knowledge, wisdom and godly character.

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In August of 1998, The King's Academy committed to preparing children for life as Christian leaders. Through the faithfulness of God and the generosity of his people, The King's Academy has been able to impact thousands of students from Berks and Schuylkill counties. Giving to TKA is a tangible way to help make this possible.