Common Questions About The Foreign Exchange Student Hosting Program

Just like every international student we welcome at The King’s Academy, our host families come in all shapes and sizes. And with them, they bring their own questions about how the program will impact their family and daily life. We completely understand this and have created a list of commonly asked questions for those considering hosting.
How does hosting an exchange student work?
The King’s Academy works with an international student agency to coordinate the placement of students. Each host family also shares their student preferences with TKA. We then work to find the ideal placement for your family.

Most exchange students stay for a full school year and live with the host family during that time. The host family not only provides a loving and safe place for the student, but it is also encouraged that you integrate the student into your everyday life from meals, to holidays, family activities, church, and more. This will allow both you and your student to have a fulfilling experience.

What are the requirements?
  • Christian family
  • Must be able to provide references (a friend and a pastor)
  • Complete the application
  • Willing to obtain your clearances
  • Interview with our Admissions Director
  • Home inspection
  • Orientation
  • Child must have their own room
What is the host family screening process like?
Once a family submits the application process, we will review your application and contact you about the immediate next steps.

As part of the host program, we conduct an interview and an in-home visit. This allows us to discuss any questions you may have about the program. Once these steps take place, we will work with you to place a student that meets your preferences in your home.

How old are the students and where are they from?
The students range in age from 8th grade to seniors in high school.

Over the years, The King’s Academy has hosted international students from over a dozen countries, including Armenia, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Rwanda, Spain, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.

How long is the host commitment?
Families are asked to commit to one year of hosting. This ensures that our foreign exchange students are able to stay in one home throughout the school year. Then, after each year you are able to assess if you would like to host a student the following school year.

It is also very important for host families to support their international students by attending after-school activities, like sports and school-specific events, to help them to build relationships at school.

How are host families supported throughout the school year?
Supporting our host families is very important to us. Each new host family will go through an orientation at the beginning of the school year.

Each month, we hold a check-in to evaluate how the host family and foreign exchange students are doing. This allows us to provide guidance as needed. Our Admissions Director is always available to answer questions as they arise.

In addition to this support, families receive a monthly financial stipend for expenses related to hosting the student.

Who would be a good candidate for hosting?
We have a variety of families who are great hosts! These families range from families with young children to empty nesters. If you feel compelled to serve others and have a heart for children, our hosting program could be a great fit!
I don’t have children at home anymore. How would this affect the foreign exchange student’s experience?
We have hosts who do not have children at home anymore and it still provides an enriching experience for both the hosts and the students. Oftentimes, many of our empty nesters are able to be more involved with their students because they have the time.

Students will also create social circles at school and this will allow them to develop meaningful friendships that you too can help foster.

How is a student matched to my family?
Once the interview and home inspection is complete, you could be matched! Through the application process we review what type of student you would be interested in hosting. For example, families sometimes share that they are interested in hosting a girl from a particular country or region of the world. We work with you to honor your preferences as closely as possible.
Will my student speak and understand English?
Every student is unique in their ability to understand and speak English. All students must take a proficiency language test to join the program. Most students are fluent, while others may find English a little more challenging.

TKA does provide English as a Second Language (ESL) for foreign exchange students to help them better adapt to living in the United States. We also encourage families to work together with their students to help them better learn English. This could include games like Bananagram or Scrabble.

How will I know how my student is doing in school?
We encourage host families to not only engage with their students, but to also engage with their teachers. We use an online platform to communicate assignments, grades and special events. In addition, you can contact your student’s teacher through the platform at any time.

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