School Energy Improvement

 The King’s Academy is undertaking the first significant energy improvement project in the history of the school! Your support will help enhance TKA’s commitment to preparing children for life as Christian leaders.

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About the Energy Improvement Project

The King’s Academy is committed to providing a standard of Christ-centered academic excellence training leaders in knowledge, wisdom, and godly character. To continue to do this, we’ve committed to an Energy Improvement Project.

The project will consist of two major upgrades: the replacement of the (well-known) boiler and all of the building’s windows. These improvements are not only necessary for the school to continue to provide a safe educational environment, but to also improve the energy efficiency of the building for years to come. The project will help save an average of $15k a year in energy costs.

How Much Will it Cost?

The improvement project will cost $150,000 in total. However, the school already has a Capital Improvement Reserve consisting of $90,000. We are grateful that we are in a unique position to have a capital reserve of this value, as these funds are completely separate from the Barbara Wilcox Center Facility Fund.

How Can You Make an Impact

While we have a significant amount of the project funds already secured, we are looking for your support to raise the difference – $60,000.

  • Provide a Lead Gift of $15,000 to Power a TKA Education
  • Purchase a Classroom of Windows and Enlighten a Child’s Education
  • Purchase a Single Window to Help Students View the Future
  • Make a Custom Gift to Brighten a Student’s Future

We believe that EVERY DOLLAR MAKES A DIFFERENCE and know that we’ve been blessed that the boiler has lasted as long as it has. We also know that every dollar given will leave a lasting impact for years to come, as we continue to invest in our students and prepare them for life as Christian leaders.